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Graham Hancock

fingerprints of the gods

If you are unfamiliar with the work of Graham Hancock, stop reading this review and head to your local bookstore right now. His work is unparalleled and presents an addictive search for a lost civilization that has been swallowed by time and man’s obsessive need to eradicate that in which we do not believe. Fingerprints of the Gods was my first exposure to Hancock, a tome I return to time and time again. Many alternative theories are quickly labeled as pseudoscience and disregarded by mainstream science due to a lack of evidence. This is not the case with the works of Hancock, as every page is littered with reinforcing evidence and data, supported by scholarly journals and peered reviewed articles.

Fingerprints of the Gods is one of my all time favorite books. Beginning with a thorough explanation of maps from antiquity, Hancock quickly sets the stage for an captivating page turner that will grip you from page one. Fingerprints of the Gods follows Hancock and his wife, Santha, on their global quest to locate the ancient civilization that predates Sumer; a civilization that possessed great technical achievement and one that is responsible for the commonalities between nearly every megalithic site from antiquity.

Hancock documents his experiences with hunting for Vircocha, exploring Puma Punku and the Nazca Lines, connecting the architectural similarities between Sacsayhuaman and Egypt, and many more sites that scream for reevaluation of their origin. His writing provides the reader with a purely immersive experience. Hancock is a master of weaving personal accounts with scientific data that is explanative to the scientific layman. You will not require a PHD to appreciate the evidence presented within Fingerprints of the Gods and Hancock will leave you questioning what we are commonly being taught throughout our education system.

If you are looking for an amazing read that is sure to provide thought provoking conversation, Fingerprints of the Gods is a great place to start. You will likely become an ancient history enthusiast, if you are not one already. We give Fingerprints of the Gods five out of five stars.



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