The Lost Tomb of King Arthur


Graham Phillips

The Lost Tomb of King Arthur

What is your name? What is your quest? What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? These iconic and slapstick quotes from the legendary Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail have been burned into my memory since I was a boy. My affinity for King Arthur started at an early age. Adolescent trips to the library found my backpack bursting at the seams with texts surrounding the mythologies of the ancient monarch, his wizardly council, the celebrated sword in the stone, and the lady of the lake. The ancient mystery dug its claws deep before I was aware of what was happening.

As a child, I always viewed the stories of King Arthur as historical and I was taken aback when I discovered that these tales were thought to be purely allegorical. Who was King Arthur? Was he a real person? What was the basis for his legend? These were questions that I have always found myself returning to. Graham Phillips has not only answered these questions, he has done so with an infectious vehemence. The Lost Tomb of King Arthur is a triumphant stroke of genius that chronicles over 25 years of research and field work.

Through the read, Phillips reveals the true identity of King Arthur – a conclusion rooted in the investigation of archeological sites and the probing of copious ancient manuscripts. Not only has Philips given us a face with the name, he has also successfully located Arthur’s final resting place. The Lost Tomb of King Arthur was a phenomenal experience; Phillips has crafted a page turner that doesn’t read like history. We highly recommend this read and in addition to being June’s read of the month, we are pleased to award The Lost Tomb of King Arthur five solid stars.



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