Magicians of the Gods


Graham Hancock

magicians of the gods

The first time I saw Graham Hancock speak, I had a front row seat. As Hancock was providing the audience with his introduction, several members of the gallery exclaimed adjectives to best describe the author – my personal favorite being “international hero.” This naming convention proves to be wildly accurate, as Graham Hancock has worked tirelessly in an effort to present compelling historical evidence of a lost civilization in a means by which the laymen can understand. His latest effort, Magicians of the Gods is the culmination of decades of research and investigation into the often taboo or forbidden cellar of modern archeology.

Hancock puts forth incredible evidence as it relates to the Younger Dryas, the episode of massive and violent upheaval that catastrophically ended the Ice Age. He highlights a series of cataclysmic events that occurred 12,800 years ago and a sequence of similarly disastrous events that took place 11,600 years ago. Magicians of the Gods chronicles Hancock’s journey to uncover not only what caused the events of the Younger Dryas, but also the implications of the events that followed.

If you are familiar with Hancock’s work, you know that he is an avid proponent for the idea that evidence of a yet to be discovered civilization can be found across the globe. Magicians of the Gods showcases compelling evidence that is indicative of a collective “reboot” of civilization – not the orthodox “establishing” of civilization and agriculture that is the commonly explained history of our species. One of the frequent complaints about alternative historical theories, is the lack of reinforcing evidence. Rest assured that Hancock’s latest effort is a cornucopia of evidence and the intriguing North American journey he takes with Randall Carlson is thought provoking.

Few books are as well researched and well written as Magicians of the Gods. Much like its predecessor, Fingerprints of the Gods, I believe that Magicians of the Gods will continue to be a phenomenon decades from now. Graham Hancock has authored a truly captivating and enthralling read – one that I could not put down. Not only are we proud to award five stars to Magicians of the Gods, we would also like to cite this masterpiece as 2015’s Book of the Year.



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