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Mark Adams

meet me in atlantis

For years, I have appreciated a cornucopia of titles surrounding alternative history theories, Atlantis, and unsolved mysteries. From a young age I was gripped by the unknown and a budding fire was ignited that caused me to seek out answers. It seems Mark Adams suffers from a similar long standing need to separate fact from fiction and his latest effort Meet me in Atlantis colorfully chronicles his obsessive quest to do just that.

The general focal point of the book is straight forward and thoroughly explained in the title. Meet me in Atlantis was my introduction to Adams and I had no idea what to expect. Adams has a gift – one that is envied by millions of aspiring writers and possessed by few. His gifted ability to craft a story is unparalleled and, while Adams presented a treasure trove of facts and data, Meet me in Atlantis read with the ferocity and imagination of a Dan Brown novel. I felt that at any moment, Marks quest would incept the journey of Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu and the three would be forced to crack the fibonacci sequence.

Don’t let my fictional reference deter you from picking this work on nonfiction up, as Adams includes a monstrous amount of information. Meet me in Atlantis follows Adams on his global quest to seek the truth about whether or not Atlantis was real. He encounters the world’s leading authorities on the subject and Meet me in Atlantis documents his interactions and subsequent epiphanies. He also presents a great deal of Atlantology within this effort and his account of Ignatius Donnelly was truly fascinating.

If you’re looking for a read in the cadence of Graham Hancock or Andrew Collins, this isn’t it. However, if you are looking for a page turner that also presents a copious amount of data, you’ve found your next book. For me, this read started as a free audiobook and evolved into a purchased hardback copy that was overnighted from an online seller – I enjoyed it that much. Adams weaves a story that is rooted in evidence and thought provoking and we proudly award Meet me in Atlantis four stars.



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