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Graham Hancock appropriately sets the stage for Laird Scranton’s latest effort Point of Origin. He states “Point of Origin is not a book about Gobekli Tepe, but it sets that mysterious Anatolian hilltop sanctuary into a matrix of interconnected mysteries from all around the world in a way that is both fascinating and thought-provoking.” I concur with Hancock that the latest work of Scranton is fascinatingly thought-provoking indeed.

Laird Scranton, best known for his authoritative undersatnding of the Dogon and his rigorous efforts to better understand hieroglyphs through the study of the world’s cosmologies, has delivered his fifth installment in his cosmological series. It is important to point out that Point of Origins is not a book that explores the Gobekli Tepe site, but more so an effort that connects ancient cultures. Scranton sees Gobekli Tepe as the source of cultures from antiquity, these include the Dogon, ancient Egypt, India, Tibet and China. The author expands upon how the carved images found at Gobekli Tepe can be viewed as precursors to the sacred symbols found within the hieroglyphics employed by the Egyptians, Dogon, Tibetians and Chinese.

One of my favorite theories proposed within the book is Scranton’s hypothesis that Gobekli Tepe functioned as a megalithic university. This controversial theory challenges the orthodoxly accepted view of Gobekli Tepe serving as the world’s first temple system. He argues that the redundancy of the structural layout found at the site points to the complex being the work of several graduating classes displaying the practical application of their rigorous megalithic studies. This is a fascinating theory, and one that can be found in detail within Point of Origins

The 186 page read is bubbling with references and copious amounts of supportive data. Point of Origin is indicative of the scrupulous research that preceded publication. Scranton has crafted a read that, while shorter in terms of length, does require a commitment as the data presented requires a mental digestive period for the concepts to “sink in.” This was a great read and we give Point of Origin four stars.



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