secret Chamber revisited


Robert Bauval

a dark muse

For years, I have followed the stories of secret chambers rumored to be hidden within the monuments of the Giza plateau. From the enigmatic Hall of Records beneath the Sphinx, to the curious shafts found within the Great Pyramid, Egypt has long been home to droves of unanswered questions. For decades, modern Egyptology has consistently pulled the wool over the eyes of the general public. Controversy after controversy continue to stem from timeworn African landscape and yet, the uniformitarian chokehold maintains its grip. Robert Bauval has authored a bold attempt to expose not only the secrets of the ancient landscape but the contentious practices in place as well.

This book is not a weekend reader, nor is it for the faint of heart. Bauval has compiled a tome of evidence, theories, controversies, and references that log years of his work. In Secret Chamber Revisited, Robert Bauval methodically explains the New Years scandal of the Great Pyramids, as well as scores of other controversial events that have occurred in recent Egyptian past.

I have always been intrigued with the mysterious doors found at the end of the star shafts within the Great Pyramid. Theories abound as to why these enigmatic doors were built, when, and by whom. Thankfully, Bauval presents compelling evidence that speaks to all three in Secret Chamber Revisited. Bauval also showcases fascinating theories with respect to the Hall of Records, reportedly located beneath the Sphinx per the readings of Edward Cayce.

Bauval includes loads of evidence, including faxes and correspondence between key players in the book. While this may seem a bit overzealous to some, the inclusion of these documents helps corroborate the claims made by Bauval. This read covers a massive amount of ground and much of the esoteric nature of ancient Egypt is addressed and explained across the nearly 600 pages of content. I thoroughly enjoyed Secret Chamber Revisted and we are pleased to award it the title of April’s Read of the Month, backed by four solid stars.



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