Secrets of Ancient America


Carl Lehrburger

secrets of ancient america

Archaeopriests, as coined by Carl Lehrburger, are the proponents and enforcers of the Old History. Due to the monopolistic efforts of these individuals, the theories surrounding diffusionism have been the focal point of scrutiny, attack, and the damning moniker of pseudoscience by the isolationist powers that be. Carl Lehrburger’s Secrets of Ancient America is a bold and methodical attempt to peel back the veil that has enabled the uniformitarian mindset of the archaeological community. This school of thought is not neoteric, as Lehrburger exemplifies. For years, the dogmatic canon of American history has remained a standardized series of events that refuses to entertain any hypothesis that remotely suggests diffusionism (the spread of cultural items—such as ideas, styles, religions, technologies, languages etc.—between individuals, whether within a single culture or from one culture to another).

Lehrburger’s Secrets of Ancient America is a work of bold research and thorough analysis, that chronicles his 25 years of exploration and field work. Lehrburger’s diffusionist approach suggests that the Columbus was not the first foreigner to step foot into the New World. His research showcases droves of examples that are indicative of an Old World presence in the New World. Secrets of Ancient America highlights how America’s Stonehenge is evidence of a Celtic presence in Ancient America, how the petroglyphs of Mojave North suggest transpacific influence from the Indus Valley, and the presence of ancient Egyptian deities that propose an epoch of exploration that has yet to be accepted by the archaeopriests.

I found Secrets of Ancient America incredibly difficult to put down and Lehrburger’s analysis of the India/Mexico connection was mind blowing. Not only do we find evidence within similarities between ancient board games (pachisi from India and patolli from Mexico), we can also witness erie similarities between the lotus scepter motif from tenth-century Java and from Palenque, Mexico. Lehrburger’s Secrets of Ancient America is a tome spanning over 400 pages. Over 300 images have been included and the author went to great lengths to notate each of the images to better explain the petroglyphs that are typically time worn and challenging to decipher without the influence of natural lighting. The detailed explanation of the archaeoastronomical connection found at the majority of the ancient sites is thought provoking and eye opening. It is quite clear that the Americas were frequented by Old World inhabitants for thousands of years prior to the voyages of Columbus.

Lehrburger also details his personal experiences with a multitude of sites and influential researchers, lending itself to the overall readability of the book. Not only is Secrets of Ancient America our February, 2016 Read of the Month, we proudly award this brilliant work of achievement five stars. If you are a fan of historical mysteries and you own a shelf, this book is for you.



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