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David Hatcher Childress

I realize that I am nearly 16 years late to the game with David Childress’ iconic Technology of the Gods. It has sat on my list of books to read and review for several years and I am pleased to have just completed the 336 page effort by Childress. Outside of a few articles found online, I had not read much Childress prior to diving in to Technology of the Gods. I have become familiar with his work through documentaries and lectures found online. Outside of my one grievance with the text, I thoroughly enjoyed this read.

Childress has teed up an incredible collection of alternative viewpoints of technological achievement from antiquity. With the heavy weight Childress lends to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, I was expecting a read that felt like watching an episode of Ancient Aliens. This was not the case and Childress references extraterrestrial intervention only a handful of times throughout the book. He sets the tone for a researched and reinforced effort from the first chapter, in which he explores the enigma of ancient technologies. He dives headlong into the alternative historical timeline of metallurgy, electricity and its uses throughout the ancient world, vimanas and nuclear warfare in ancient India, and concepts surrounding the intended function of the great pyramid.

Childress does a phenomenal job of quoting works that reinforce his points, as well as citing references used to complete his research. My only qualm with Technology of the Gods is the writing itself. The majority of the book flows well and the grammar is written in a cadence that emulates organic conversation. However, there are moments when the text feels as though the publishing company lacked an editor to review and polish the thoughts. The concepts and theories presented are mind bending and thought provoking. I enjoyed Technology of the Gods immensely and it is one of my favorite reads of 2015. We give Technology of the Gods four out of five stars.



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