King Arthur
King Arthur

NASA-funded research predicts the next civilization to collapse is ours. In the 18th century, France was a leading world superpower; they had it all. Money, land and power fueled their “divine right” to rule. With this confidence, France disregarded budgets, throwing money at welfare programs, hospitals and elaborate monuments. They maintained expansive overseas territories, engaged in nonstop warfare and monitored everyone with their intelligence service. There was no money to pay for any of this. Eventually, the global political force was fueled by meaningless currency and spiraled into massive debts. The French government collapsed, leaving hyperinflation, civil war and genocide its wake.

France is not unique in the story of its rise and fall. From ancient Mesopotamia to the Soviet Union, history details the fall of civilizations that reach maximum levels of consumption. High levels of expenses and allocations are unsustainable and ultimately lead to economic failure.

NASA-funded research

It’s not just historians who are keeping record of this pattern of extreme expenses and the crash that ultimately follows. NASA funded a research paper that offered supporting information about the rise and fall of advanced civilizations. These scientifically driven experiments highlight some of the current trends in today’s economy. Specifically, people are consuming resources at an unsustainable rate and the divide between social classes continues to grow. These conditions could easily result in a widespread, catastrophic collapse.

So how does society avoid such an event? Experts agree that it requires significant changes in policy and regulation. That’s a difficult task considering the number of risks in our modern society, including crippling debts, deficits, war and resource depletion.

King Arthur

Empires dominate and are dominated

Throughout history, global superpowers have been in a constant state of transition. Empires dominate and are then dominated by the next great superpower. Government structures and monetary systems are constantly adjusting in response to a cultural shift. Social and cultural norms evolve with the people who create them. And that’s the key to surviving potential failure: people.

Humanity adapts

As the world changes, humans adapt with it. That adaptation is not just a response to the problems in society, it’s proactive. Forward-thinking people progress our society and prepare us all for what may or may not come. It’s human nature to find solutions, opportunities, and possibilities for the obstacles presented in our world today. We’re not collapsing. We’re resetting.

In our current system, a few elite have control our money over money, intelligence networks and weapons of mass destruction. This system is broken. It’s not working and “We the people” know it. The votes we cast on election day effectively shift power to another set of elite leaders who are more or less the same.

The future starts today

Technology changes everything. The established pattern of power confined to a room full of men deciding the future of an entire nation of people is crumbling. With technology, average people have access to unlimited resources. With that access comes the opportunity to revolutionize the way we live our daily lives and govern our society. Humans are crafty creatures. Throughout history, we have survived and thrived through adversity. We will continue to do just that. Until this epic reset happens, dream big and hustle hard. The future starts today.

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About the Author: Andrew is the founder and editor in chief of Lost Origins. He is also the host of the radio show that falls under the same moniker. Andrew has been researching ancient mysteries, alternative historical theories, and lost civilizations for over fifteen years and founded Lost Origins to provide a sounding board for authors and researchers to share their theories and concepts with the world. Andrew is currently working to complete two manuscripts that explore several ancient mysteries. He lives in Lincoln with his family.


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