Must Listen!

I am so glad I found the Lost Origins podcast Andrew and CK are knowledgeable and personable hosts to a guest list is the all-stars of the esoteric. They ask the right questions and allow their guests to “unpack” their research and provide their deep insights. If you question the history you learned in school, and you know there are ancient mysteries and lost civilizations waiting to be found..this is the team you want to join! Conversations with Eden adds additional answers you will find no where else.

– the n1ghthawk

a must listen!

I LOVE this podcast. At first, I didn’t know a ton about ancient mystery or historical theories, but was interested in the topic. Drew and CK make the show highly entertaining and engaging. Plus, they bring on the best guests in the space. So glad they brought it back!

– Nick Perwt

Get Lost

How did I only find out about this show now? From the sexiest intro to a playlist that left me realing on where to start, everything comes together in the most human way. WARNING – this podcast is absorbing. Like completely absorbing. Prepare to go on a mindgasm that blows up the most fascinating questions, edgy perspectives and insane conversation starters. It takes getting lost to the cleverest spaces and the deepest corners of the unknown.

– Lena Ski SuperNova

Great Insights

Drew gives his opinions on lots of topics and I love everything he brings up. Makes me think deeply on conspiracy theories and other mind blowing mysteries.

– chrispendy

brilliant show

Loved the first season and was expecting it to continue with Andrews great presenting skills but a can say listening to the first few episodes of the second season the introduction on ck has been great he seems very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject matter keep up the great work guys and look forward to to hearing the exciting episodes you’s have planed going forward from Glasgow Scotland james (loved your attempt at a Scottish accent)

– jamesg1888

great hosts and content!

Really positive, articulate, and informed hosts! Andrew and CK have a terrific rapport with their guests and bring out angles and insights other interviewers might miss. They also are informed interviewers and are able to “get” what a guest is saying or referencing right away. A pleasure to listen to, and learn a lot at the same time. And of course the topic of ancient mysteries and forgotten civilizations is so fascinating and important!

– anon09042014