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We are very excited to welcome you to the roster of talent that has appeared on Lost Origins. This page includes important information regarding your interview, as well as a link to our booking system to secure your time slot.


Knowing what to expect is just as key as having an idea of what you plan to discuss on the show. Our team has worked incredibly hard to develop a platform that is not only conducive to allowing our guests the opportunity to thoroughly explain their work but also to create an environment that is organic, conversational, and entertaining. Here are a few things to remember when gearing up for your Lost Origins experience.

Our team uses Skype to facilitate our interviews and we will need your Skype ID upon booking your interview. A handful of guests have connected with Andrew and CK from the field where a stable internet connection was not available. If this is your situation, please connect with us ASAP to coordinate a conversation via a landline.

Our team has made a massive commitment to the audio quality of the show. This is no easy undertaking and we need your help to ensure that your interview sounds pro. We will absolutely need for you to use headphones during the interview. While it’s not required, the use of an external microphone is definitely preferred. The Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball are fantastic examples of high-quality USB microphones that are cost-effective as hell.

The interviews typically run for 60 minutes. Please plan for roughly ten additional minutes for level checks and post-interview questions that you may have for the team.

The nature of the interview is meant to be very conversational. We want you to have the opportunity to explain your work as thoroughly as possible and we strive to allow you a platform that is conversational, organic, and fluid. Should a question trigger a tangential thought or desire to jump down a rabbit hole, please do! Andrew and CK will join you on the deep dive.

The show utilizes humor to help connect with a younger audience in an effort to make history, science, and alternative thought more accessible to the next generation. Andrew and CK will occasionally make jokes or insert banter throughout the conversation.

The show employs the use of a brief commercial break at the halfway mark of the show. This is recorded during the interview and will allow you the opportunity to grab a beverage, use the restroom, stretch, or check your Tinder notifications.

Most importantly, have fun. Our platform exists to ensure that the work of alternative and free-thinking minds is easily accessible in the wild, but we also love what we do! Your work is fueled by passion and please do not hesitate to let that passion shine.


Nathan Peavey – Booking Coordinator
Emily Kelly – Booking Coordinator
Lauren Kolten – Brand Manager
Blake Waggoner – PR Outreach
Maria E. Carrillo – Digital Ad Sales Manager


So, you’ve worked through what to expect and you’re ready to jump in? That’s fantastic. Click the button below to access our scheduling software to secure your time slot. Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions. We cannot wait to explore your hard work on Lost Origins. #questionEverything

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