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Lost Origins exists to explore the mysteries of our past. Every episode, Andrew and CK chat with experts, researchers, and authors on esoteric history and mind bending mysteries.

S02E11 Uncovering Earth’s Pre-flood Civilization

Freddy Silva

The Younger Dryas was a terrifying and cataclysmic epoch of Earth’s history. 12,000 years ago, our Earth entered into a violent dance with catastrophe; a hellish pirouette of impacts and extinction events. For decades, archeologists viewed Sumeria as the...

S02E10 The Wisdomkeepers of Stonehenge

Graham Phillips

If we had a nickel for every theory regarding the origins and purpose of the megalithic site of Stonehenge, we would have $3.12. We are well aware of that math not adding up, much like many of the concepts around Stonehenge. In this week’s episode of...

S02E09 The Spirit Traveler

Sonja Grace

What would it mean for humanity if it was possible to travel to the past and witness the unfolding of our chronology? Would having this knowledge allow us to not only confirm our origins but also equip us to employ a heightened sensibility regarding our future? While...

S02E08 Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure

Daniel Duke

The Knights Templar are a fascinating group from antiquity. The life of Jesse James is one that is shrouded in infamy and mystery. The two narratives have never crossed paths, until now. Lost Origins is pleased to present the exclusive first look at the...

S02E06 Human Origins and DMT

RN Vooght

The origins of humanity are shrouded in mystery and controversy. Modern academy is steadfast in maintaining the accepted narrative of our past regardless of the resounding global evidence that points to the need for investigating the chronology of human history...

S02E05 The End of Humanity

Andrew Tuzson

It is no secret that our world is changing. A quick peruse of social media or any given news outlet will quickly showcase the rapid downward spiral of the human condition. Our species claims to have achieved the most advanced zenith throughout our history...

S02E04 Star Myths and the Authentic Self

David Mathisen

On this week's episode of Lost Origins, Andrew and CK connect with author and researcher, David Mathisen. For the past ten years, David has been researching and writing about the overwhelming evidence that points to the conclusion that the world's ancient...

S02E03 The Great Pyramid Hoax

Scott Creighton

This week's episode of Lost Origins takes Andrew and CK to the Giza Plateau with author and researcher, Scott Creighton. Creighton is an engineer whose extensive travels have allowed him to explore many of the world’s ancient sacred sites. The Scottish investigator...

S02E02 America Unearthed Reboot

Scott Wolter

This week, Andrew and CK are joined by Scott Wolter to dig into the rebooting of America Unearthed. For the uninitiated, America Unearthed can be summarized with the following excerpt from the depths of Google. "America is full of archaeological secrets buried...

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