S02E05 – Lost Origins

The End of Humanity

It is no secret that our world is changing. A quick peruse of social media or any given news outlet will quickly showcase the rapid downward spiral of the human condition. Our species claims to have achieved the most advanced zenith throughout our history and yet, we find ourselves divided. Humanity has ignorantly turned a blind eye to not only the societal shifts across the globe but also with respect to the negative implications that our consumer habits have introduced to our environmental conditions.

The planet is changing. In recent articles published by Scientific American and Science magazine, humanity has essentially been hit with a countdown – a ticking clock with an unforgiving lack of a snooze button. A small window exists for humanity to correct the wrongs of our destructive nature and unless immediate action is taken, our species could see its demise by 2050. This week, the team digs into this research, the hard science available to the world, and the simple ways we can band together to ensure the longevity of humanity is at the forefront of our daily decisions.

About the Guest

Andrew Tuzson had always dreamed of being an archaeologist. Despite growing up in a household and attending a school that demanded that he simply accept the narratives that he was given without question, he simply could not accept the answers that he was given on faith alone. After a life spent scouring religious texts, he discovered Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods and discovered everything that he had been looking for. He later launched the Lost Origins podcast with co-host Christopher Kingsley, with the goal of objectively exploring human mysteries. Through the use of curious minds and healthy skepticism, Andrew and CK are able to walk listeners through a tour de force of concepts, theories, and the unknown – a true jump down the rabbit hole.

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