S02E06 – RN Vooght

Human Origins and DMT

The origins of humanity are shrouded in mystery and controversy. Modern academy is steadfast in maintaining the accepted narrative of our past regardless of the resounding global evidence that points to the need for investigating the chronology of human history. Additionally, the use of DMT, or dimethyltryptamine, in the ancient world is an area of past that many researchers stray from. That is not the case for RN Vooght.

Throughout the world, resounding evidence continues to be uncovered that points to civilization having a much older foothold than the conventional belief. The collection of this evidence points to a much older mother culture that dates back to the Younger Dryas roughly 12,800 years ago. RN Vooght’s work explores these global connections in great detail. His work also includes a heavy emphasis on the pineal gland and the use of DMT in the ancient world. Our ancient ancestors were resoundingly connected to nature, the universe, and the nature of reality. His analysis of DMT explores this connection and forces us to rethink our understanding of reality.

Andrew and CK dig into RN Vooght’s work, the origins of humanity, the use of DMT, and much more. As always, we hear from Eden and get her take on one of our favorite ancient mysteries, the Dogon tribe of Africa.

“As the Consciousness Revolution unfolds, a complex web of patterns, connections and influences in the human story are being revealed. RN Vooght’s research reintroduces us to omnipresent Osiris, the divinity immanent in humanity.” – Graham Hancock

About the Guest

After an untimely accident in the South American jungle during the launch of European Ariane 5 spacecraft, RN Vooght continued to reach for the stars by turning his misfortune into a positive, by way of his debut title. After more than twenty years of extensive world travel researching ancient civilisations and their respective cosmologies, combined with a self-imposed study of the metaphysical, The Spirit in the Sky hypothesis was born.

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