S02E19 – Erich Von Daniken

The Gods Never Left Us

How the hell do you set the stage for a conversation with a living legend like the one and only, Erich Von Daniken? While this highlight reel doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface, a small handful of Erich’s accolades include writing the 1968 best selling and global phenomenon Chariots of the Gods. Did Erich stop there? Nope; not even close. Since the release of Chariots of the Gods, Erich has written over 40 books – no big deal. His works have been translated into 32 languages and have sold over 63 million copies worldwide. Also, no big deal. As if a mountain of best selling titles wasn’t enough, Erich has starred in countless documentaries and television shows including Ancient Aliens, several Gaia programs, the 1970 film Chariots of the Gods, and many more.

This week, Erich Von Daniken joins Andrew and CK to discuss his body of work, his career, his most recent release The Gods Never Left Us. As the true sequel to Chariots of the Gods, this best selling book explores the idea that ancient aliens have not only been involved with humanity for thousands of years but that extraterrestrials have been present within the progress and development of the human species from day one. At 84 years old, the charismatic and passionate Von Daniken presents his research in an accessible way that will melt your brain and force you to question everything.

“Chariots of the Gods is a pivotal book, first published at an important point in human consciousness and awareness, a time when minds were opening. That book changed many’s and my own worldview. Erich von Däniken has again touched the pulse of humanity at another crucial moment, in discussing the now known ‘fact’ that The Gods Never Left Us.” – Colin Andrews, author of On the Edge of Reality
“Erich’s newest book is a fascination journey from the ancient past into the present with a plethora of scientific evidence and documented research. As always, he ads his own “to the point” take on it all. Readers may also like that his newest work moves in a slightly different direction from his past books. A thoroughly enlightening and enjoyable Read.” – Bruce Cunningham, Director, Ancient Mysteries International LLC

About the Guest

Erich von Däniken is arguably the most widely read and most-copied nonfiction author in the world. He published his first (and best-known) book, Chariots of the Gods, in 1968. The worldwide best seller was followed by 40 more books, including the recent best sellers Twilight of the Gods, History Is Wrong, Evidence of the Gods, Remnants of the Gods, and Odyssey of the Gods. His works have been translated into 32 languages and have sold more than 64 million copies. He lives in Switzerland but is an ever-present figure on the international lecture circuit, traveling more than 100,000 miles a year.

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