S02E20 – Lost Origins

In Every End There is Also Beginning

Season two of Lost Origins was an incredible journey and one that will forever hold a very special place in our hearts. Placing the show in a status of hiatus after season one was a very difficult decision and the itch to reboot the show has been everpresent since production ceased in 2016. Life has an interesting way of presenting challenges and opportunities that both require a monumental amount of attention, effort, and time. There were several moments where a reboot looked possible and in the end, each of these moments was rendered obsolete. We wanted to make sure that when we committed to rebooting the show, it was one that was not only sustainable but one that allowed us to make some incredible changes to the brand.

We knew that the audio quality needed to be addressed and we checked that box. We also know that in today’s digital ecosystem, a brand that is not a media company is not likely to survive – it’s a jungle out there kids. We rolled out the media section of the website. We announced the anthology that is in development. We started implementing the use of videography and that is a space that we will continue to flex our creative muscles. We are always looking for ways to create additional content and media that provides value to our audience and listeners.

In this week’s episode, Andrew and CK revisit their favorite moments from season two and discuss the conversations that left their heads spinning. There were droves of amazing nuggets throughout the run of season two and the co-hosts expand on what they learned. Andrew and CK also outline the future of the show – what to expect in season three, what shifts are in the works for the format of the show, and much more.

PSA: If you’re a sensitive creature, tissues are not included with the download or streaming of this episode.

About the Host

Andrew Tuzson had always dreamed of being an archaeologist. Despite growing up in a household and attending a school that demanded that he simply accept the narratives that he was given without question, he simply could not accept the answers that he was given on faith alone. After a life spent scouring religious texts, he discovered Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods and discovered everything that he had been looking for. He later launched the Lost Origins podcast with co-host Christopher Kingsley, with the goal of objectively exploring human mysteries. Through the use of curious minds and healthy skepticism, Andrew and CK are able to walk listeners through a tour de force of concepts, theories, and the unknown – a true jump down the rabbit hole.

About the Host

Christopher Kingsley is currently the Chief Creative Officer at Firespring where he leads all creative and innovation initiatives throughout the company. Prior to merging with Firespring in 2015, Christopher was Founder & CEO of 42, a digital agency and software lab. He and his team have produced award-winning work for clients around the world including Adidas, Cessna, GE, Union Pacific, Red Bull, Cargill, Honeywell, and the USMA at West Point. CK and Andrew have known each other for several years and the two have always shared a common interest surrounding ancient mysteries, the nature of reality, and the origins of humanity. CK joined Andrew as the co-host of the show in 2019.

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