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“As the Consciousness Revolution unfolds, a complex web of patterns, connections and influences in the human story are being revealed. RN Vooght’s research reintroduces us to omnipresent Osiris, the divinity immanent in humanity.” – Graham Hancock

A Perplexing Picture of our Prehistoric Past

Have you ever contemplated the frustratingly limited longevity of documented human history? Consider if you will. What if I told you that documented civilized society is no more than 50 or so lifetimes long! What do I mean by this? Let me explain…

Documented or recorded history, that is the earliest chronologies of civilized society being that of Ancient Mesopotamia, and their early Pre-Dynastic Egyptian counterparts are historically dated as emerging separate of each other sometime around 3500 BC. It wasn’t until the somewhat meteoric and unexplained rise, and then the peculiarly sudden and inexplicably illogical decline regarding technological know-how that a writing system was introduced around 3100 BC. Here then, around 3100 BC, we can effectively state that we have a viable fixed position of reference from which to start. Now, an average human life expectancy living in the modern era is around some 72 years or so, and it’s certainly not uncommon to exceed 100. With this mind, if we endeavored to measure recorded history against the life cycles of human beings, equated to that of 100 years, and each lifetime was in fact lived out back to back (that is to say that a person is born, lives 100 years, dies and another is born and the cycle thus repeated), from our starting reference of 3100 BC to the present day, we find that our documented narrative is a fascinatingly mere 51 lifetimes long! Think about that for a moment. We can revise this if we like and consider our starting point at around the time of Christ. Guess what? Twenty-one lifetimes long! Jesus!? That’s exactly what I thought!

Master builder, geologist and all-round renegade archaeologist extraordinaire, Randall Carlson, suggests the following analogy. If we equate the timeline of modern anatomical human beings of the past 180,000 years and documented history of say the last 5,000 years and create a hypothetical ‘yardstick’ from which to measure. What becomes glaringly apparent is that every inch of our 36-inch yardstick is the equivalent of 5,000 years – only one of which accounts for the entire catalog of recorded human history! Where’s the rest? Furthermore, since Carlson’s yardstick took a measure of this ancient anomaly, the timeframe for the said statistical statement of 180, 000 years has since almost doubled!

There’s clearly something inherently wrong. We all feel it deep inside us. The feeling that something is missing. One last piece to that puzzle called life. I believe there is more to our past than first meets the proverbial third eye. I also believe there was indeed a time when humankind had reached a far higher potential than we find ourselves today. Maybe not insomuch as technologically superior – yet spiritually? Almost certainly.


The timeline of documented human history is unfounded. Erosion patterns dictate that The Great Sphinx of Egypt has presided over the Giza Plateau for at least the last least 12,000 years – or the end of the last Ice Age. A growing body of geological data suggests that an unknown heat source flash melted the North American Ice Sheet ushering in a devastatingly catastrophic 400 feet rise in sea levels across the globe – almost overnight! Rather intriguingly, this epoch ending cataclysm sometime around 9,700 BC corresponds somewhat curiously with Plato’s mythological fable of Atlantis which was also said to have disappeared beneath the waves a mere century later. Mainstream Egyptology currently accredits the construction of The Great Pyramid to a pharaoh, who by his very own admission, seemingly came across and restored this prehistoric limestone and granite colossus! So what else aren’t they telling us? There appears to be a significantly profound and spiritually adept higher science hiding behind what we are being told. Ancient Egyptian art transcends language, and there are many artifacts to consider. The Spirit in the Sky ‘Ancient Cosmological Gods & Where In The World We Find Them’ untangles the scientifically significant mythology surrounding Ancient Egyptian God of Resurrection, Osiris. Osiris is traditionally depicted as the celestial hunter of the heavens forever immortalized on a microcosmic scale as the constellation of Orion. Osiris however, is also considered as the complete embodiment of ‘all things acacia’ – an abundant botanical variety known for high potentials of the world’s most illicit God-inducing psychoactive entheogen compound; which is also produced in the human brain. Famously dubbed ‘The Spirit Molecule’, N, N dimethyltryptamine is also known as DMT, is also the key ingredient of an ancient Amazonian shamanic tool called ayahuasca which is roughly translated as the vine of souls. Indeed, God is divine. Moreover, the molecular structure or microscopic fingerprint of this nirvana-like state of God-induced perception is also a comprehensive ‘match’ for the constellation of Orion! Has our ancient ancestry from an epoch forgotten methodically inserted a premeditated and scientifically viable explanation to the riddle of human consciousness onto the cosmos? Is there a macrocosmic mirror of the molecular structure of the tree of life hiding in plain sight? Furthermore, could the Egypt-illogical ideal be supporting a battle-weary blueprint for all world religion? Prepare to relearn absolutely everything you thought you knew to be true! The Spirit in the Sky offers a 21st-century translation of the ancient and esoteric adage ‘As Above, So Below…’ 

Are We Third Eye Blind..!?

“DMT is not one of our irrational illusions. What we experience in the presence of DMT is real news. It is a nearby dimension – frightening, transformative and beyond our powers to imagine, and yet to be explored in the usual way. We must send fearless experts, whatever that comes to mean, to explore and to report on what they find!’ – Terence McKenna
The Spirit in the Sky hypothesis suggests that our ancestors may already have done so.

There’s a so-called ‘global awakening’ that is happening is becoming increasingly apparent, but no one knows quite what this means, or what it may entail. I believe that the answer may be quite literally written in the stars – should we know where, or indeed how to look!

The epiphysis cerebra, or mystical third eye, is located between the two hemispheres of the brain in almost all known vertebrates. Nestled in the anatomical center of the brain, this pine cone-shaped gland, from which the term ‘pineal gland’ derives, is part of the endocrine system which is responsible for secreting essential hormones directly into the circularity system. During the day the pineal gland naturally secretes serotonin which is understood to be the driving force of a happy and balanced state of mind or general well-being. Alternatively, during the night, it converts the serotonin into melatonin, a hormone which influences sexual development and detects the onset of darkness and sleep cycles. However, through the research of Dr. Rick Strassman a much lesser-known naturally occurring psychoactive substance DMT, our Spirit Molecule, also appears to be secreted by the pineal gland during deep REM sleep, birth, death, and near-death experiences. Strassman states that the last thing we are aware of before death is the release of this psychoactive compound, thus creating a ‘kind of bliss-like state of mind.’ DMT has since been successfully located and confirmed within the functioning pineal glands of laboratory rats, whereby the ethics of such exploration on human brains remains, quite rightly, out of bounds. (3) Yet Strassman also states that it does, however, appear to have all the necessary tools, enzymes and building blocks that would be required to produce DMT. Even the etymology of epiphysis cerebra is curiously revealing. A divine moment of inspiration within the mind’s eye (epiphysis), may indeed be likened to an epiphany or god-like insight should we consider, rather bizarrely, that it also has a similar rod and cone structure as a normal eye. Even more astonishing is the fact that it’s connected to the optic thalami, almost completely rendering it the third eye! Further to this, the pineal gland appears in the human embryo after 49 days of gestation, and it is also after 49 days that the fetus is assigned its biological sex, male or female. (4) This, rather remarkably, coincides with the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which describes the reincarnation of one’s soul as occurring over a period of 49 days! (5) The Christian holy day of Pentecost, which is celebrated fifty days after Easter Sunday (49 days in between), commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles – whom, through the ongoing research of Bill Donahue, we can now directly correlate to the twelve cranial nerves of the human brain. (6) In biblical scripture, we hear that Jacob had wrestled with himself when he saw the face of God. The location of this otherwise epic event was in none other than the place he recalled as Peniel! Should it surprise us then that the brain stem itself bares a striking number of commonalities with crucified and thence resurrected gods of both the modern era and ancient world alike? The placement of Christ’s head during said cruci-fiction being in direct correlation with the pineal gland is incredibly hard to deny. Insomuch that Jesus was said to have worn a crown of thorns which is traditionally understood to have been fashioned of the extremely barbed acacia variety. The very same biblically imbibed bush-like flora which allowed Moses to speak with his God also. For acacia, it is understood, is known for extremely high potentials of extractable DMT! (7) The headdress of Ancient Egyptian God of Resurrection, Osiris, depicts the pharaoh with his customary crook and flail which clearly depict the cerebellar peduncles which attach the brain to the stem. Osiris’ token sun-disk, we find, lies in direct correlation with the pineal gland, above which the placement of this didactic serpent mimics the brains third ventricle. Our ancestors appear to be vying for our attention, yet billions of misinformed minds are being routinely brainwashed into believing a nonsensical comic book version of events which are strictly and purely metaphorical! The bible even states as such.

“for understanding proverbs and parables, the sayings and riddles of the wise.” – Proverbs 1:6

“I will open my mouth with a parable; I will utter hidden things, things from of old.” – Psalm 78:2

The same can be said of ancient mythology also. Originating from the Greek word mythos, a modern-day myth or mythology is generally regarded as nothing more than an idle tale of hearsay inherited from an epoch of unknowable antiquity. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Think about it. What kind of learned and accumulated wisdom is really going to stand the test of time? A story which specifically details the biomechanics of the human brain by which a tale is constructed, outlining every single part of the anatomy being recalled in its all-encompassing, over-elaborately long and rather forgettable definitions of its functionality? Or one which details a metaphorical mythos or legend (meaning to write down or take note) reciting a series of heroic characters and their otherworldly adventures are remembered? In time, the former would almost certainly be forgotten. The later, however..!? Many of these misinterpreted myths resonate with today’s scientifically savvy society, but far too many of us still cling to idyllic fables of lightning throwing fictions on flying horses and such, with neither question nor contemplation. The significance of which is the world we currently live in. One in which my god is better than yours is responsible for the global atrocities still occurring daily in the name of false idols and religion. We’re still largely ignoring the myth-illogical profoundness of these strictly symbolic stories. 

And so to the story of Osiris.

Listen to the Myths. Look up.

As Above, So Below is an ancient Hermetic maxim that describes the notion of a macrocosmic universe ‘above’ us, reflective of our universal, microcosmic perspective ‘below’ it. Since the dawn of history, humankind has worshipped the stars. Tales of mythological, heaven-dwelling heroes have stood the test of time; echoes of our ancestors are depicted as constellations – immortal gods of the cosmos, forever remembered amongst the stars.

The constellation Orion is a particularly revered cluster of stars that holds sacred sway with almost every ancient civilization ever recorded. Most ancient Egyptian deities are associated with a single star. Isis, for example, goddess of fertility and wife of Osiris, is traditionally considered the celestial counterpart to the brightest star in the winter sky, Sirius. Notably, however, Osiris is represented by the entire constellation of Orion and remembered in mythological lore as the lifeblood of all things acacia, a botanical variety known today for a remarkably high concentration of DMT. (9) How can this be? The ancient Egyptian god of resurrection, Osiris, is either here on Earth, residing in ‘all things acacia’, or in the afterlife as Orion, celestial hunter of the heavens. Ancient Egyptian mythology is steeped in duality, so it’s no surprise to find that Osiris resides both ‘above’, and indeed, ‘below’ us. But what does this really mean? What is Orion or Osiris hunting? Some kind of connection to the microcosmic mythology of the acacia, maybe? What would the 2D structure of the ‘lifeblood of Osiris’ look like, should we analyze the molecular signature of the sap of the acacia variety? In a word – Orion! The etymology of the name Os-iris is also extremely revealing. ‘Os’ carries a plethora of hidden meanings, ‘god’ and ‘open’ being the most intriguing. ‘Iris’ however, needs little or no explanation – and its high time we opened ours!

Therefore, The Spirit in the Sky postulates that a sophisticated and civilized society lost to the historical record understood the psychologically sensitive nature of the human mind, and have imparted the profound nature of the spirit molecule and it’s all-encompassing therapeutic and immaterial connotations to us for the benefit of future generations of the human story. I believe they understood the molecular structure of N, N dimethyltryptamine and created an allegorical ‘treasure hunt’ leading to the Ancient Gods who all reside somewhere deep inside us. Inside us all. I also believe that our ancestry has given us the keys to the inner realms of our most precious and personal self, and have successfully transcended the atomic nature of DMT from the microcosm upon the macrocosm – The Spirit in the Sky..!

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About the Author

After an untimely accident in the South American jungle during the launch of European Ariane 5 spacecraft, RN Vooght continued to reach for the stars by turning his misfortune into a positive, by way of his debut title. After more than twenty years of extensive world travel researching ancient civilisations and their respective cosmologies, combined with a self-imposed study of the metaphysical, The Spirit in the Sky hypothesis was born.

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