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Lost Origins exists to explore the mysteries of our past. Every episode, Andrew and CK chat with experts, researchers, and authors on esoteric history and mind bending mysteries.

S03E08 The Nomoli Stones

Ben Vonderheide
While questing for diamonds, Sierra Leone locals stumbled upon a set of enigmatic stone figures depicting several human races, and in some cases, semi-human beings. In addition to their mysterious origins, the Nomoli stones are incredibly ancient with some estimates dating them as far back as 17,000 BC. Another mind-bending facet of the Nomoli is the high melting...
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S03E07 CPAK Preview

Walter Cruttenden
CPAK was lit af. The 2019 Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge was three intense, jam-packed days of conversation after conversation that hit CK and Andrew with several theories and concepts on a level not yet experienced in the history of the show. Is that a bold statement? Yep. Is it a claim that we can back up with data? Something fierce and the upcoming release schedule of...
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S03E06 Decoding the Newport Tower

Jim Egan
History is riddled with countless enigmatic mysteries - so much of our chronology is shrouded in a cloak of unknown and the Newport Tower is no exception. Commonly thought to be the remains of a Rhode Island windmill, is a round stone tower located in Touro Park in Newport, Rhode Island. The tower presents copious riddles regarding its origins of construction and the epoch in which it was...
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S03E05 The Energies of Crop Circles

Lucy Pringle
Strange phenomenons are pervasive throughout our world; much of the nature of our existence is unknown, unexplainable, and enigmatic beyond our understanding. While many observe a happening that is not understood and react with the knee jerk reaction of disbelief, Lucy Pringle takes a different approach. Lucy has dedicated the vast majority of her life to studying...
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S03E04 The Identity of God

Jeffery Sortino
Certain moments in one's life can influence or drastically change the trajectory of the years to follow. Experiences have the power to shape and mold who we become, what's important to us, and the questions we ask. In the case of Jeffery Sortino, this becomes resoundingly clear. In this week's episode of Lost Origins, Jeffery joins Andrew and CK for a thought-provoking and...
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S03E03 Nightside of the Runes

Dr. Thomas Karlsson
Holy hell, are you ready for a next-level deep dive into the world of the occult, mysticism, rune stones, uthark divination, futhark divination, and all the things? On this week's episode of Lost Origins, that's exactly what goes down. Andrew and CK are joined by Dr. Thomas Karlsson for a deep dive into the occult and Dr. Karlsson does not...
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S03E02 The Giants Among Us

Adam Stokes
Brace yourself for a gigantic conversation on this week's episode of Lost Origins. That was an awful pun, but the legitimacy of the claim holds true. This week, Andrew and CK are joined by none other than Adam Stokes. Having obtained his B.A. in Religion at Duke...
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S03E01 Losing the Nobel Prize

Dr. Brian Keating
The synchronicity between the fall equinox and the launch of season three is off the chain. I wish we could say that we planned this release schedule, but that would be a farce. While the level of epic that is the equinox is massive, the launch of season three is one...
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S02E20 In Every End There is Also Beginning

Lost Origins
Season two of Lost Origins was an incredible journey and one that will forever hold a very special place in our hearts. Placing the show in a status of hiatus after season one was a very difficult decision and the itch to reboot the show has been everpresent since...
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