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Biblical Temples in North America

Adam Oliver Stokes

One of the best examples of diffusionism (cross-cultural exchange across vast distances) is the clear influence of Semitic culture and practices on the ancient peoples of North America. Various scholars, from Frank Joseph to Richard Dewhurst, have discussed this...

The Egyptian Origin of America’s Pyramids

Adam Oliver Stokes

Unbeknownst to many, North America is home to various ancient architectural wonders rivaling those found elsewhere in the world whether these be the pyramids of Egypt or the Great Wall of China. The gigantic mounds scattered throughout the mid/mid-Western...

The Missing Flood Gods

Freddy Silva

Humanity’s recent development was the subject of an investigation commissioned by NASA, which pointed to a disturbing trend in evolved civilizations ‘suddenly’ appearing completely developed, to technology and agriculture ‘suddenly’ appearing around 8000 BC, and to science, mathematics and astronomy ‘suddenly’ manifesting in hotspots like Mesopotamia...

Greenland’s Puzzling Ice Sheet

Rand & Rose Flem-Ath

How is it possible that one of the largest ice sheets on our planet is found in a region where it rarely snows at all? Greenland’s massive ice sheet that lies outside the polar zone – in a temperate zone. Geologists rarely tire of repeating a phrase first coined by James...

Myths and our Lost Origins

David Mathisen

That the conventional paradigm of humanity’s ancient history is gravely flawed and in need of radical revision is indicated by overwhelming evidence found around the world, documented...

The Tree of Life: Yggdrasill

Sonja Grace

The ancient tree Yggdrasill is at the center of Norse Mythology and the Universe. This holy tree of life encompasses the nine realms at the center of the Universe. The tree resembles the human nervous system...

The Spirit in the Sky

RN Vooght

Have you ever contemplated the frustratingly limited longevity of documented human history? Consider if you will. What if I told you that documented civilized society is no more than 50 or so lifetimes long! What do I mean...

Finding the Face of the Hero

Bernie Taylor

The evidence of a lost civilization that predates the ancient Greek, Egyptian and Mesopotamian societies and others is overwhelming still the characteristics and dating of such a culture has long been debated. Author and naturalist...

The Brother of Suphis Mystery

Scott Creighton

I have long believed that the painted quarry marks (including the famous cartouches of Suphis/Khufu) allegedly discovered by Colonel Vyse within a series of hidden chambers of the Great Pyramid in 1837...

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